Global Liquidity Partners, LLC (“Global”) is a technology company providing Electronic Execution Technology driven by a highly efficient proprietary architecture. Global’s trading platform is built on a low latency chassis that eliminates the speed advantage of HFT gamers and combines speed and a state-of-the-art decision engine designed to source liquidity while minimizing information leakage.

What differentiates Global?

  • Investment in infrastructure and Global’s trading platform
  • Co-located environment with high speed transactional capabilities to market centers
  • Global’s trading platform is based on a C++ event engine, affording the highest messaging throughput and processing power to make complex decisions
  • Unique routing strategies designed to source liquidity through customization and configurability that minimizes information leakage
  • A Broker Neutral platform and proprietary dark strategies resulting in extremely high fill rates in the dark and minimizing the “footprint” of the order, preserving anonymity
  • A model that focuses beyond “BestEx” resulting in superior execution quality and cost savings
  • Easy connection as Global is certified with most OMS providers and has FIX connectivity expertise, effectively and rapidly connecting to any in-house OMS system
  • Effective Business Continuity Plans in place and upon request which has the flexibility to respond to actual events as they occur

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