Global Liquidity Partners (GLP) is a technology company focusing on equity electronic execution services.  The GLP business model is entirely performance driven and our clients include both broker-dealers and the full range of investment management firms.  GLP offers a comprehensive suite of algorithmic strategies with an emphasis on customized solutions.

What differentiates GLP?


Performance based model with significant basis points of savings especially in the small and mid-cap space 

Focus on execution quality with seven plus years of consistent and superior TCA results verified by Markit

Data centric strategies that adapt real time to market conditions

Client focused customized solutions implemented quickly

Unique routing strategies and child order placement

Client anonymity with an agnostic and conflict free approach to the decision-making process

Nimble culture that responds quickly and efficiently to the changing market structure landscape and client needs

Continuous investment in technology both hardware and software

Extensive testing of sources of liquidity and venue analysis

A client list that includes some of the most respected and significant broker dealers and investment management firms