29 Jun

From the Desk of Tim Lang



In April of this year the Wall Street Journal reported that T Rowe Price, one of the largest global money management firms, was conducting a trading experiment with Themis Trading and Virtu Financial. The purpose was to combine conflict-free, broker neutral routing with state of the art technology. It was apparently motivated by the need to adapt to a fragmented, high-speed marketplace. This shift in attitude was further exemplified by an announcement a month later by Goldman Sachs of a $20.5MM investment in a modern high speed architecture platform to execute equities.

Here at Global, our platform focuses on highly efficient technology, proprietary routing strategies in the dark space that source liquidity in a broker neutral fashion and unique algorithmic design. With these latest developments at T. Rowe Price and Goldman Sachs, our model, which has a 5-year head start on the competition, has also been strongly endorsed. Global is determined to stay ahead and excel in innovation, design and investment in our technology and I look forward to sharing with you more developments throughout the year.

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