GLP’s unique focus is our customization and configurability in sourcing liquidity. Throughout each order we test and measure all liquidity destinations to balance minimal slippage and information leakage with maximum liquidity capture. With GLP’s flexible architecture our platform can solve the complex problems inherent in today’s fragmented marketplace.

Unbiased access to 50+ liquidity sources, co-location and our proprietary child order placement logic sets GLP apart.

GLP’s liquidity management takes into account variables including:

  • Fragmented Marketplace (50+ Liquidity Sources)
  • Transaction cost related to lit markets and ATS markets
  • Latency related to market centers
  • Fulfillment related to market centers
  • Average fill size
  • Information Leakage
  • Regulatory rule changes
  • Quote depth Bid/Ask spread, Trade velocity
  • Order types
  • Size of the order
  • Time to execute order
  • Client benchmarks of execution