From day one, Tim Lang and the algorithmic strategy design team at GLP have been guided by the theme of AUTOMATING COMMON SENSE™. What would an experienced trader decide to do in a specific execution scenario and then how could GLP automate that process? The firm prides itself on proactive solutions and anticipating needs, but at the same time, puts an emphasis on listening to clients’ frustrations and responding with answers and remedies.


State-of-the-art technology, both from a hardware and software perspective, has always been a founding principle of GLP. Through significant research and testing the firm has created a highly efficient equity electronic execution technology that partners with ACS Execution Services. GLP is dedicated to consistently invest in upgrades and modifications in both hardware and software to maintain its competitive advantage.


GLP is uniquely focused on customization and configurability in sourcing liquidity. Throughout each order, we test and measure all liquidity destinations to balance minimal slippage and information leakage with maximum liquidity capture. With GLP’s flexible architecture, our platform can solve the complex problems inherent in today’s fragmented marketplace. Plus, GLP’s ability to automate unbiased access to 50+ liquidity sources, co-location, and our proprietary child order placement logic sets GLP apart.

GLP’s liquidity management takes into account variables including:
  • Fragmented Marketplace (50+ Liquidity Sources)
  • Transaction cost related to lit markets and ATS markets
  • Latency related to market centers
  • Fulfillment related to market centers
  • Average fill size
  • Information Leakage
  • Regulatory rule changes
  • Quote depth
  • Bid/Ask spread
  • Trade velocity
  • Order types
  • Size of the order
  • Time to execute the order
  • Client benchmarks of execution

At GLP, data has always been the cornerstone of all of our strategy design. In pursuit of its goal of AUTOMATING COMMON SENSE™, GLP utilizes pattern recognition and real-time and historic data dynamically in its algorithms and routing logic to improve performance throughout the day. Several examples of this include instant dynamic curve adjustments and incorporating other proprietary signals such as the DDR into our algorithms.



GLP’s affiliated broker-dealer, ACS Execution Services,  utilizes both internal metrics and Markit as a third-party provider to monitor metrics that help organize and capture the true sources of transaction costs and market impact both pre and post-trade. The Post Trade Analysis data generated by Markit covers GLP’s algorithmic strategies (VWAP, TWAP, POV, DARK, Liquidity Seek, etc.) for all clients. These independent, unbiased metrics and analytics provide a robust data set to accurately measure ACS’s clients’ performance versus a large peer universe. Comprehensive reports are published quarterly, along with year-end summaries. Clients receive reports as desired (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) GLP provides these reports upon request. Please send an email to or call us at +1-732-204-8999 for more information.


GLP’s affiliated broker-dealer, ACS Execution Services LLC, has an experienced trade support desk that provides real-time support and consultation to clients.

ACS stands for AUTOMATING COMMON SENSE™ which is our philosophy when designing algorithms and routing strategies. The ACS Trade Support Desk provides TCA reports in requested intervals, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.  Global Liquidity Partners provides technology services and all equity execution algorithms, both standard and customized, to ACS Execution Services, LLC. The ACS Trade Support Desk maintains strategic relationships with various broker-dealers.

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